Guest Experience & Member Relations is a ministry dedicated to taking care of all of our Promiseland members. For more information regarding these ministries contact the designated ministry leader.


-Guest Follow-up and New Members ConnectKaren Phillips:

-Member CareKaren Phillips:

-Christian Counseling - Lea Walker-Clark: Learn More

-Altar Ministry - Pastor Charlie Lujan:


The Evangelism ministry has so many aspects that all can get involved in to share God’s love with the world. These areas minister to those who are incarcerated in PRISON; participates in MISSIONS throughout the world; and ADDICTION RECOVERY is a support group for people committed to leaving a life of addiction behind them and living for God.


-Missions -  

-Prison Ministry -

-Promise Places -

-Midnight Ministries - Anthony Morphis

-Nazarites - Pastor Charlie Lujan:


The Hospitality Ministry involves the area of making PromiseLand a welcoming and warm place to enter. Our HOSTESSES & USHERS are there every service with a smile and a handshake to welcome all guests. They also point people in the right direction and provide them with the information they need. The CATERING area involves cooking and serving food for special events and special guests who visit the PromiseLand. SECURITY patrols the parking lots and ensures our facilities are safe. The GROUNDS MINISTRY helps keep our church looking its best both inside and out.


-Catering - Carolyn Pardo:

-Grounds - Pastor Charlie Lujan:

-Hostesses - Eda Crumley

-Ushers - Ernie Cook

-Security - Lawrence Perez


Our Interpretation Ministry is formed to help interpret each Sunday and Wednesday services for those who are unable to hear or for those who do not speak English. The areas of interpretation PromiseLand offers are DEAF, SPANISH, and PORTUGUESE.

-Deaf - Carolyn Hile

-Portuguese - 

-Grounds -